Eshcolot Group

Eshcolot Hashiva was founded in 1994. Our activities are all centered on the Eshcolot Method,a unique and innovative approach for the development and training of thinking abilities and life skills through strategy games.
The Eshcolot Method was developed by Dan Gendelman, a world known expert in assimilating games into learning processes at schools.
Our programs are being integrated into schools’ curricula – from kindergartens to high schools – with lessons delivered once a week throughout the school year. Training seminars, teacher workshops, exciting parent-child events, and various other special activities, complement the Eshcolot project at your school Eshcolot’s unique concept is established upon the notion that strategy games serve as a igh-powered educational tool.
Strategy games contribute to the improvement of cognitive skills and to creating an awareness of thinking processes.

They also help the learner to better cope with emotional and social situations. The game-playing experience, which stands at the heart of our program, is at once enjoyable, captivating, and exciting – thus kindling great motivation and enthusiasm among children and serving as the foundation for a deep learning process.
The Eshcolot Method has been taught with great success in over 40 countries throughout the world under the name Mind Lab.

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